Delivering quality products and services

Arbix offers expertise throughout the whole software development lifecycle

project management, system analysis, design, implementation, testing, integration

Our experience varies from developing modern web based systems to implementing complex Business Intelligence solutions.

At Arbix we believe in professionalism, flexibility, motivation and tangible results. We maintain a responsible and skillful team that is always up to the challenge.


Arbix is a consulting and outsourcing company.
Our clients and partners are of highest importance to us and we value their opinion and needs.
We stress on quality products and services and timely delivery.
We are a motivated team that always seeks improvement and never disappoints.


At Arbix we specialize in custom software development as well as in consultancy services.
We are experienced in developing different types of software products – from simple desktop applications, to advanced web based systems and complex Business Intelligence solutions.
We have experience developing mobile applications for the most widely used mobile platforms.
We consult our clients as needed in important areas like project management, business analysis, system architecture and design and software implementation.


At Arbix we always put emphasis on the needs of our clients and apply the appropriate solutions to their problems. Our goal is to gain deep understanding of the business case so that we can deliver value where and when needed.
We rely on clear requirements and proven industry processes, backed by solid technology knowledge to fulfill even the most demanding needs.